Help! My students are asking me questions about Zoom that I don’t know how to answer!  

Where can I send my students for information on setting up Microsoft Teams? 

Are there guides for students so I don’t have to answer the same questions again and again? 

Sound familiar? It’s hard to advise students how to use new technologies when we’re still learning them ourselves. 

This might help: we’ve rounded up all the student guides for UTS learning technologies here in one spot. Simply copy any of links below and send them to your students. We’ve also listed the best places to send students for online learning help when you’re unable to answer their questions. 


Direct students to the Zoom pages on the UTS website for guidance on connecting to Zoom and interacting professionally in a Zoom meeting. 

Key resources: 

Microsoft Teams 

First time using Teams? Get students started with Teams using the resources below. 

Key resource: 

Need more detail?  


Are you and your students new to Canvas? Learn how to submit assignments, participate in discussions and communicate in Canvas with the UTS Canvas student guide. Or use the Canvas Community student guides for details step-by-step instructions for using Canvas features. 

Key resources: 

UTSOnline (Blackboard) 

Information for students can be found on the UTSOnline Help site. 

Key resource: 


Students often ask for directions when submitting Turnitin assessments. This guide provides step by step instructions on how to submit Turnitin assessments in Canvas and UTSOnline (Blackboard).

Key resource:


Students shouldn’t need too much help to access your uploaded videos. However, they might need help if you’ve asked them to upload video assignments in Kaltura. 

Key resource: 

Where students can get help with online learning 

Because sometimes, you just need to talk to someone. 

If you have any other useful guides for students who are now learning remotely, let us know in the comments!

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