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RIP outdated Kaltura videos

By Phillip Tang,

Kaltura videos that haven't been viewed in three years will be marked for deletion – here's what you need to know.

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Echo360 is being decommissioned: what you need to know

By LX Team,

From 29 July 2022, Echo360 will no longer be available at UTS. Here's how you can save your recordings.

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A culture of sharing: how to use Kaltura’s shared repository

By David Yeats,

Are you unintentionally sharing your teaching videos? Discover the benefits and pitfalls of publishing videos to the Shared Repository.

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Improving your home video set-up

By Matthew Vella,

Matt Vella give us his tips on getting the best video and audio quality, plus how to edit and share your videos.

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Alternatives to SCORM in Canvas

By Emerson Sunardi,

As SCORM packages become less prevalent in learning technology, we take a look at new ways of creating interactive content in Canvas.

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Computer created closed captions are coming to C… errr… Kaltura

By Phil Betts,

From Thursday 10th September, all media uploaded to Kaltura will receive automatic captions.

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Shift your lecture content to online video with our new media resources

By Phil Betts,

Get the scoop on our new range of online video support materials, released this week as part of our 'Bounce back into Spring' series

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Learning technology guides for students

By Elizabeth Smith,

We’ve rounded up all the student guides for UTS learning technologies here in one spot.

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Tooltime Recap | Using Kaltura interactive videos to enhance student engagement

By Michael Chan,

Kaltura is the multimedia content management platform for UTS and is integrated into both UTSOnline and Canvas, allowing for interactive video content that can improve students’ online engagement. Here are 3 key features that benefit you using Kaltura videos: Quizzes – Create a diverse structure of discussion questions and...

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O Vimeo, Vimeo, wherefore art thou Vimeo | Part 4

By George Catsi,

Want to know which video streaming platform is right for you? Is it Kaltura, YouTube, Vimeo or Stream? Check out the bio below and let us know who has your heart!

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