It’s easy to forget about old videos in Kaltura. Maybe they were test videos, or just could do with a refresh.

With the integration of the Kaltura Media Repurposing Tool, starting the 4th of September 2022, videos that haven’t been viewed in three years will be marked for deletion. But don’t worry – you will be notified with two emails before anything gets removed, with enough time to save all your content.

Why is this happening?

Kaltura is the main way we manage and share videos in Canvas at UTS. Since it was introduced in 2017, the use of Kaltura has been a core tool at UTS – not just in our courses, but also in other areas such as Salesforce and RES Hub. As a result, we need to manage the storage of old videos that are no longer in use.

Old videos can take up a lot of space. A video that hasn’t been viewed in three years is likely to have been forgotten. So this is an opportunity to look at your videos again and decide if they can spark joy, or work out where it all went wrong. It will also allow space for fresh media content.

What will be deleted?

The tool will follow these steps for deletion of old Kaltura media:

  1. Identify videos that have not been viewed or accessed in the past 36 months
  2. Mark all versions of the videos for deletion
  3. Exclude the smallest version (with a resolution of 360p) and thumbnail, which are kept for record-keeping purposes

If you really want to keep your videos, opting out is possible on a per-video basis. This new resource also includes a sample notification email.

If you wish to download your videos from Kaltura before deletion, we have a guide for that too.

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