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Which tools can I use that are supported at UTS?

By LX Team,

There are various tools that can be used for learning and teaching – which of them are supported by the LX.lab and UTS?

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From enhancement to transformation: a practical application of the SAMR model

By Suman Laudari,

Four scenarios show how the SAMR model can be applied to enhance and transform learning and teaching practice in the LMS.

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Tooltime taster: Select the right tool with the Padagogy Wheel

By Ann Wilson,

Which tool or app should you use for what purpose? Let this wheel of fortune steer you in the right direction.

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Learning technology guides for students

By Elizabeth Smith,

We’ve rounded up all the student guides for UTS learning technologies here in one spot.

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Help is on the way! Bookings now open for Canvas Lab

By LX Team,

With Autumn session just around the corner, we are extending our support hours so we can help all teaching staff who are starting with Canvas ensure that their subject site is good to go. Even if you’re not using Canvas yet, we’ll be assisting with a wide range of...

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Finding learning technology support at UTS

By Michael Chan,

Error? Arghhh!!! It can be frustrating when you’re having problems with your online teaching materials. Perhaps you accidentally changed some settings? Or maybe you’re just finding it a challenge to keep up-to-date with the learning technologies used at UTS like Blackboard, Review or SPARKPlus? Luckily there’s no need to...

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Universal Design for Learning: what’s behind the practice?

By David Yeats,

Diversity of how students learn and the ‘creation of possible futures’.

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Getting started with teaching for Autumn session

By Futures Team,

We’re almost back in session, and that means the flurry of activities to get subjects up and running for new and returning students has begun. If you’re wondering where to start, check out these tips from our Learning Design and Technology Specialists.

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Turn and lodge the grades: ch-ch-changes to the end-of-session grade submission process

By Phil Betts,

There’s an old legend that floats about the hallways during mid-session breaks, about a subject coordinator who was copying grades over into their old ‘SLS’ spreadsheet.

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