There are various tools that can be used by academics in their teaching but not all of them are supported by the LX.lab and UTS. We recommend using a technology that’s deemed ‘supported’ as it ensures LX.lab staff can quickly and efficiently assist with your request. Using specific tools for particular needs also helps in delivering a consistent experience for the student’s learning experience.

Assessing student work?

Try Canvas SpeedGrader

SpeedGrader is the native Canvas marking tool. It’s capable of marking up PDFs, grading with a rubric and commenting on student work.

Try Review

REVIEW acts as a framework for assessing student work. It can be used for group marking, and setting up rubrics against learning objectives and graduate attributes.

Collaborating? Try Microsoft

Microsoft Office 365 is the supported productivity suite at UTS. This suite includes all Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more – these tools also integrate seamlessly with both Microsoft Teams and Canvas.

Microsoft Teams allows students to collaborate in real time via a variety of different functions. Also keep an eye out for the upcoming feature Canvas Collaborations, which allows students to collaborate on Microsoft Office tools such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Making interactive content? Try H5P

H5P facilitates the easy creation of accessible and interactive content in Canvas subject sites which can be used to test students’ understanding. We recommend you take a look at our resource collection on H5P to get a head-start on how to effectively use this tool.

Recording a video? Try Kaltura

Kaltura is the university’s supported video and audio platform. Kaltura Capture can be used to make screen and webcam recordings, or upload video files directly. Kaltura media can be embedded on pages in Canvas and UTSOnline where the text editor is available. Find out more about managing your videos on Kaltura in our Creating and managing videos resource collection.

Video conferencing? Try Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Zoom or Teams? Both are supported by UTS and have been essential tools in the past year as remote teaching has been a necessity for us all. For more information on these video conferencing tools, see our resources on using Zoom and Microsoft Teams for your teaching.

A guide to supported tools

A full list of tools that are supported by UTS, including what to use for online exams and which tool to use for detecting plagiarism, is available on our website. It will continue to be updated in the coming weeks as we reveal more supported tools to help you provide the best learning experience for your students.

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