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Two months in – the pivot to remote tutorials

By Katherine Newton,

Katherine Newton reflects on helping students with the loss of face-to-face learning and ensuring collaboration and connection in an online environment.

Futures blog

Reflections on change: the academic journey from travel restrictions to remote teaching

By Wenes Gunawan,

2020 has been a year of change for teaching and learning at UTS. Dr Kate M. Delmo, Dr Alana Piper and Dr Timothy Laurie share their experiences.


Providing useful feedback

By Alisa Percy,

UTS LX.lab guide to giving effective feedback for high stakes assessment.

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Zoom Ghost Busting

By James Wakefield,

Ever experienced an eerie feeling, like something, or someone, is there even though you can't see them or hear them?

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Language development in the online space: challenges and strategies

By Kerry Hunter,

Useful strategies for online language learning from the ALL team.


Engaging and motivating students with feedback

By Alisa Percy,

Strategies to keep students engaged and motivated in the remote learning environment.

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Keeping it real – group work in the remote learning environment

By Dimity Wehr,

Want to create an inviting environment for learning in group work? We recommend keeping it real, social and simple!


Filming Videos for Remote Teaching

By LX Team,

Media programs to use for teaching in the online space via videos.

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Keep up the group work: collaborative learning when teaching remotely

By Emily Oquist,

Design your online teaching to support students throughout the group work process with inspiration from these four UTS examples.

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Learning through COVID-19: a new series to make sense of lived experiences and take action

By Franziska Trede,

The start of a new series of webinars, resources and blogs that offer an opportunity to come together and make sense of current experiences.

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