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The banner imager for the LX Digest which is emailed to subscribers every Thursday morning
The banner imager for the LX Digest, emailed to subscribers every Thursday morning

This bountiful buffet of ideas and inspiration swings by your inbox every Thursday, and just like your favourite food delivery app, brings you an ever-changing array of options to explore. Feeling a bit full this week? No worries! Give it a miss and see what takes your fancy next time. Can’t get enough? Come on over to the blog or events homepage which are updated daily!

Now that we’ve whet your appetite, here are some quick user tips to make the most of that weekly delivery.

🍱 Try a taste of something new

One of the great things about the LX Digest is discovering stories, topics and tips you might never come across otherwise. Who knew there was so much modern cookbooks could teach us about signposting in learning design, or how many ways there are to experiment with hybrid modes of learning? Where else could you learn about scaling up personalised learning in engineering studio subjects one week, and the next week explore a world of ways to embed sustainability in your teaching?

Go on, try a new topic from the Digest this week. You might find it surprisingly delicious!

🍽 Make a reservation at the next event

Events are always a highlight in the LX Digest. Run your eye down the menu each week to make sure you don’t miss out on a wonderful workshop or regular sessions on common tech tools used at UTS, as well as topics like assessment, copyright, student engagement, and the ever-popular video meetups.

Keep an eye out too for deep dives into subjects like Work Integrated Learning, feedback, belonging, and inclusive learning, and don’t miss annual events like the Learning & Teaching Forum. What a feast!

🍎 Grab some nutritious snack-size resources

Feeling peckish, but not sure what you fancy? The LX Digest will let you know when collections of resources are published or updated on popular topics like using Zoom for teaching, planning and building your Canvas course, online exams and group work.

If you’re not quite ready when the Digest drops into your inbox, you can always come back to the resources page any time for a balanced and nutritious diet of detailed guidance on all the learning and teaching essentials.

🍝 Food tastes better with friends

If you find the LX Digest useful, chances are your colleagues at UTS (and beyond!) will too. We may not have our own app and star-rating system, but you can share the love by linking friends to your favourite blogs and letting them know they can subscribe here for their own delicious delivery, every week!

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ³ Psst! Are you more of a home cook? We’d love to have you author a recipe (okay, blog) on the website – let us know what your speciality is and we’ll see you in the kitchen soon!

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