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How a student-led Midwifery conference connects final-year students to their future profession

By Anna Stack,

The Midwifery Student International Conference gives an authentic experience of planning and delivering conferences. How was it impacted from being run remotely?

Forecast the future: designing a learning sequence for student prediction

By James Tracy,

We wrap up our postgraduate focus this year with a practical application of the POE learning sequence – where leaners predict, observe and explain.

The end of an era: RIP Adobe Flash

By Emerson Sunardi,

The end of 2020 marks the demise of Adobe Flash – here are some tips for reviewing and updating affected SCORM packages.

Prioritising presence: equity and experience in mixed-mode learning

By David Yeats,

"Check yourself before you EdTech yourself” with the last of our four blogs on mixed-mode delivery for 2020.

The perfect blend: how UTS academics delivered blended learning in 2020

By Ann Wilson,

In this 'Before and After' piece, we find out how the unpredictable events of 2020 impacted on academics teaching in blended learning mode.

File this away: 5 simple steps for importing groups in Canvas

By Lissy Hartmann,

New Canvas feature alert! You can now import a CSV file to manually create groups in a group set.

Become a pro at video editing with this interactive H5P module

By Matthew Vella,

Video editing can be the most challenging and complex aspect of making videos – use this interactive module to conquer your fears!

5 steps to guarantee your partnership fails

By Sarah Miller,

Sarah Kinkel shares advice for successful partnerships.

Subject to change: connecting a subject to its course

By Anna Stack,

Anna Stack reflects upon the value of considering the student experience across subjects in a course.

Viva Voce! A guide to online oral exams at UTS

By Richard Ingold,

Oral assessment allows students to demonstrate their ability to reflect, analyse and communicate complex ideas – follow our guide for delivering oral exams online.

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