Vivid Sydney is back! As a proud Location Partner, UTS welcomes you on campus to connect, create and participate. We spotlight three events with connections to our campus, all on our doorstep.

1. Superheroes of Science (1 June)

Kids in tow? Animators from FASS and researchers from Science have joined forces as the Wonder Project for an immersive workshop designed for families and children aged 8-12. The weird, wonderful world of microscopic science is brought to life through a blend of animation and real-life science, with a chance to design your own superhero but also hear from the superheroes of science and the positive impact being a scientist can have on the future state. Buy tickets here.

2. Spirits of the Hoey (4 June)

Relive the blood, sweet and beers of the legendary Hopetoun Hotel, which closed its doors in 2009. UTS researchers Dr Liz Giuffre and Dr Gregory Ferris have resurrected the Hoey through an interactive documentary and this is change to get a sneak peek. They also reminisce on its glory days with musicians Sarah Blasko, Clyde Bramley and Sally Seltmann, and photographer Tony Mott. Cross your fingers that more tickets will be released – it’s currently sold out.

3. Say my name (5 June)

Our names are an essential part of our identity – they carry deep personal, cultural, familial and historical connections. Hear from UTS academic and staff member Dr Elaine Laforteza, alongside Sunil BadamiAssociate Professor Sanet Du Toit and Dr Mariko Smith, as they discuss their personal experiences and the cultural, familial and historical implications of names in the Australian context. Read more on this topic in Elaine’s LX blog post and register now for this free event, which is being held in the Great Hall.

Lighting up the Goods Line

As well as the above three events, there’s plenty to see for free in and around UTS Campus. We recommend stopping by the Vivid Fire Kitchen on the Goods Line to refuel for your light show strolling while you enjoy the Window Dressing display on the Chau Chak Wing Building. Inside, on level 3, you can view the pandemic reflection piece, Nowhere to Be. See the full line-up of events on the official Sydney Vivid 2024 website.

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