Calling on all UTS staff involved in education: Are you ready to step up your academic career, challenge yourself and become a more responsible, adaptable and skilful teacher in the higher education landscape? The Graduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching and Learning (GCHETL) is now open for enrolments to Spring Semester.

It was the first time I was exposed to sort of the depth of pedagogy that exists… sort of the theory behind teaching.

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In this course, you will:

  • Develop your teaching and learning repertoire, and advance your scholarship
  • Reflect on your values and teaching practices, and transform your classroom with practice-based learning
  • Connect with and learn from your peers, and grow your own professional networks
  • Teach with more confidence and evidence your impact

This course is designed for UTS staff involved in education, and it locates teaching and learning in a dynamic environment. Participants are equipped to become responsible and adaptable educators who understand how learning and teaching is theorised, practised and evidenced. It balances theory from key research in learning and curriculum, with practical skills and strategies. It’s aligned with the Student Experience Framework and Indigenous content is woven throughout the course

It was really clever how right from the beginning, we were learning about Indigenous content. So it’s like… we’re learning how to learn by learning. 

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Course Structure

  • Start with the two foundational core subjects ‘Teaching for Learning’ and ‘Advancing Academic Practice’
  • Then choose five electives from a wide suite of subjects including from the GC Transdisciplinary Learning, the GC Learning Design and CAIK micros
  • Complete the course with the capstone subject ‘Evidencing Academic Practice’

Check out all the details of the course structure, elective choice block and admission requirements in the Handbook

I would have never learnt all these educational concepts just through my teaching. 

Course participant feedback

Maximum flexibility

The GCHETL has been designed with flexibility in mind. You can enrol in a single subject (core or elective) as a non-award subject – if you decide later to continue studying you can enrol with the next intake and apply for recognition of prior learning (RPL).

This is a pass/fail no marks, part-time course. Delivery modes are blended, with subjects offered in short teaching sessions of six weeks, to complete the course in a minimum of one and a maximum of two years.

The assessments were so well designed, which in itself is a learning mechanism for us, because you’re role modelling through everything. 

Course participant feedback

Enrol now!

This course is free to UTS staff (including casual academics) and UTS HDR students teaching into subjects. Submit your application via the UTS Student Portal using a non-UTS email address – you’ll be issued a UTS student address while studying.

Enrolments for Spring close Wednesday 19th June. For more information, contact

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