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Coming this summer: an Accessibility Support role in Canvas

By Ashley Willcox,

The new Accessibility Support role will support students who require a notetaker or accessibility assistant.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Monitoring and Evaluation

By Kathy Egea,

In the last part of this series, discover strategies to identify and assist students at risk and reflect on how to improve classroom practice.

Spotlighting the ‘I’ in WIL: the Yaliwunga Placement Program

By Therese Apolonio,

In this program, students conduct a research project set by an Indigenous organisation for course credit.

What’s happening at the Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference?

By LX Team,

A preview of national and international guest speakers, topics and sessions at the upcoming Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Assessment

By Kathy Egea,

Assessment is both important for determining student understanding of subject content, and as an opportunity to provide feedback.

Bright spots: success stories from FEIT summer studios

By Beata Francis,

Learn how FEIT's summer studios moved into the mainstream, and explore the shining lights that made them a success.

Watch: 360 virtual tours, Kaltura deletions and accessibility at the 12th UTS Video Meet-up

By Matthew Vella,

View videos from the final UTS Video Meetup of 2022 and sign up for the February 2023 edition.

6 principles of first-year curriculum: Engagement

By Kathy Egea,

The fourth principle in this series links successful transition with students' connection to content, peers, academics, and the wider university.

Tooltime taster: Using Microsoft bookings for your students

By Michael Chan,

Learn 5 ways Microsoft Bookings can make scheduling easier, and register for our upcoming Tooltime session.

3 tips for writing effective alt text

By Chris Girdler,

Getting stuck when you need to add descriptions to your images? Follow these tips for nailing your alt text.

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