In the labyrinth of academia, where disciplines often operate within silos, a beacon of innovation shines bright at the UTS TD School. Enter the world of Transdisciplinary Convos (TD Convos), a revolutionary space where the boundaries of research are blurred, and collaboration thrives. These sessions are reframing academic seminars of old, and redefining how we disseminate and engage with research.

Dr. Hossai Gul has a passion for engaging with diverse research in creative formats and has been the driving force behind TD Convos, identifying the need for a space where sharing transdisciplinary research could truly flourish. She explains more about the design and experience of these sessions below.

Integrating knowledge from diverse fields

What makes transdisciplinary research so unique? Well, it’s not just about crossing disciplinary boundaries; it’s about eradicating them altogether. Transdisciplinary research integrates knowledge from diverse fields to tackle complex societal issues. It’s about engaging communities, pushing for real-world impact, and asking the big, complex questions that traditional disciplines alone can’t answer.

This is where TD Convos come in. Unlike traditional academic seminars, these sessions aren’t about a presenter lecturing for the majority of the time, followed by a brief Q&A for those who managed to hold their concentration long enough. In contrast, TD Convos are designed to be interactive, engaging, and accessible to all, including non-academic community members.

Creating conditions for creativity and innovation

Imagine a space where researchers come together to showcase their transdisciplinary projects in dynamic ways. Each session is uniquely tailored, co-designed with the speakers themselves and drawing on the creative expertise of individuals at TD School such as Paulina Larocca, to design and catalyse creativity within each session. From open discussions to hands-on workshops, participants are encouraged to deeply engage with the research, share their perspectives, and even apply it in real-time.

But it’s not just about the audience engagement; it’s about setting the stage for creativity and innovation. At the start of each session, participants are brought into the moment through activities designed to defer judgment and foster creative thinking. Whether it’s sensory experiences or visual collages, these activities pave the way for a truly transformative experience.

Presenters range from local professors to international scholars, speaking on topics from creativity and mental health in schools, to health misinformation and kangaroo behaviour, interpreted through the medium of dance. It’s a space where ideas flow freely, boundaries blur, and mutual learning thrives.

Come on in – we’d love to see you!

With TD Convos firmly established, there are plans to scale up, perhaps even to a symposium or conference that brings together transdisciplinary research from across UTS, Australia, and beyond. The goal? To make TD Convos the hub of transdisciplinary research globally, leaving a lasting mark on how we approach complex problems and drive meaningful change.

So whether you’re a seasoned academic, a professional, a member of the community, or a curious bystander, TD Convos invites you to step inside, and prepare to be inspired. Join the conversation and be part of the transdisciplinary revolution!

Our next event is coming up on Wednesday May 15, 2:30pm at TD School (Building 7, level 4). If you would like to be invited to future events, you can email

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