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Facilitating group maintenance

By Adam Morgan,

Earlier this year Katie Duncan interviewed Jurgen Schulte and myself about a maintenance session I run in Jurgen’s class. In that interview I suggested that student groups can benefit from having some maintenance-related discussions. I also briefly outlined the three short activities that I run as part of this...

Connecting with your students

By Adam Morgan,

That ‘Getting to Know You’ survey just keeps on delivering. It’s now worked for Jackie Jones, who shares her insights with us.

A quick and effective way to help student groups establish norms

By Adam Morgan,

Many years ago I had an argument with a person I was working with.  At one point during our ‘discussion’ the person yelled “How should I know that, I’m not a mind reader!” At that point I realised that neither of us were mind readers, and that both of...

Getting to know your students

By Adam Morgan,

My ‘Getting to Know You’ survey didn’t just work for me. It also worked for Dr Sumati Ahuja, who shares her insights with us.

The power of the IF-AT ‘scratch card’

By Adam Morgan,

A look back on a fantastic little tool that helps students engage and get immediate feedback.

A simple way to start building a supportive learning environment

By Adam Morgan,

Want to build a supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable to participate? Try my ‘getting to know you’ survey as a starting point.

Teaching and Learning Forum: Program and Reminder to Register

By Adam Morgan,

The annual UTS Teaching and Learning Forum is approaching!

Come to the 2017 UTS Teaching and Learning Forum

By Adam Morgan,

The annual forum is back this November...

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