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Workplace learning and increased responsibilities for interns

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Workplace learning Errors, mistakes, and known problems are all learning opportunities for the intern. The best learning happens when we have time to reflect on an experience, an observation, a problem to think how things could be improved, done differently to try again and to have opportunities to test...

Types of tasks and tips for interns

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What can I get my intern to do? Your intern should be given a range of work tasks and opportunities to understand your organisation and engineering practices. Variety is the spice of life and of work! Some tasks can be completed as part of a team project or a...

The role and responsibility of an intern supervisor

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The supervisor role As a supervisor you: provide training and guidance on a task/procedure create a positive learning environment monitor workload and pace of work organise for the intern to shadow some staff doing their work and to interview some staff about their work meet regularly with the intern(s)...

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