• Wednesday, 19 August 2020
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • Zoom – further details provided upon registration

This STEMinar-takes place during National Science Week from 15-23 August and salutes the excellent work in STEM and STEAM  being conducted at UTS, in local schools and with industry.

Four researchers and teachers from the School of International Studies and Education in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at UTS are keen to share their latest work in STEM and STEAM alongside three teachers from local K-6 schools who are doing inspiring work in classrooms.

Please join Dr Jane Hunter, Dr Kimberley Pressick-Kilborn, Dr Tracey-Ann Palmer and PhD Candidate Mel Silk plus local teachers for this one-hour STEMinar. Participants will also have the opportunity to share what they are doing in STEM and STEAM in classrooms.

This is teacher identified PD.

You will come away with:

  • an inquiry template that features in new research on successful Integrated STEM in Australian schools
  • some background and understanding in how universities are preparing teachers in K-6 schools to teach STEM
  • STEAMpop inspiration
  • STEM ideas from practicing teachers
  • An infographic on How to support STEM at home for younger children during COVID19
  • New STEM books to get your hands on ASAP.

Modules and pages in Canvas | 7 February

  • Tuesday, 07 February, 2023
    10:00 am-11:30 am
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