• Wednesday, 25 March 2020
    10:30 am - 11:30 am

Teacher presence and communication plays a critical role in the success of online learning and is closely linked to students’ sense of community and engagement. Your presence in the online space sends a powerful message, creating an atmosphere of safety, respect, and high expectations, which in turn drives student engagement and success. In this clinic, you’ll be taken through a range of strategies to maximise the sense of teacher presence in your subject whilst minimising the amount of work that entails. You can expect to learn about strategies that have been implemented successfully in a range of fully online courses at UTS covering areas such as creating a sense of belonging, teacher talk, tone, feedback and different ways to communicate effectively with students.

While this clinic is not aimed at covering the technical aspects of communication tools, we will look at some of the ways online teachers at UTS have used features of the Canvas platform to create teacher presence and communicate effectively with students.


After a short presentation, the session will be opened up to Q & A. 

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