• Wednesday, 12 June 2024
    11:00 am - 11:30 am
  • Zoom – further details provided upon registration

The H5P OER Hub is a content-sharing platform integrated into the H5P authoring tool. It serves as a global repository of H5P resources, enabling users worldwide to create, share, and reuse H5P content. It promotes collaboration and innovation across different educational contexts and cultures. In this session, we will show you:

  • How to access the H5P OER Hub
  • How to reuse content and embed it into your own Canvas site
  • How to share your own H5P content into the repository
  • Recommendations for best practices when sharing and using H5P content from the OER Hub

What is Tooltime?

Tooltime is a series of short informal showcases where staff from all areas can share a gadget, tool, app, workflow or technique. The technologies showcased can range from anything that could engage learners, streamline teaching or be time savers. Sessions do not necessarily address teaching and learning concepts in-depth but rather recognise the technology’s potential capabilities in this area. Each session in the series will run for 30 minutes and is intended for either academic or professional staff.


The Tooltime hosts make no claims on the utility of tools and do not necessarily provide support for the gadgets, widgets or workflows presented.

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