For DIY productions the LX.lab has a range of equipment that is available for you to borrow, including easy to use tripods, cameras, and microphones.

Loans are managed through the LX.lab Media Team’s Service Connect ticket:

About the LX.lab’s Media Equipment loans:

  • Equipment can be borrowed for a period as little as a couple of hours up to 14 days at a time
  • Loans are free for UTS staff
  • If it’s your first time borrowing the equipment (or you need a refresher), one of our Educational Media Producers will be happy to walk you through using the equipment and getting the most out of it
  • Equipment can be picked up and dropped off at the Central Tower (Building 1) any time during business hours by arrangement
  • You can take and use most equipment offsite
  • Our equipment is intended for use by UTS staff, with a priority for teaching staff. If you intend for students to use it, please get in contact

Video Cameras

We have a variety of cameras suitable for different recording needs, depending on portability and image fidelity, in up to 4K resolution.

Cameras come with a 64GB memory card, and can run off battery or AC power (for longer sessions.)

When requesting a camera please outline what you’ll be using it for: interviews, field recordings, classroom workshops etc.

Examples of available cameras: Panasonic HC-VX1, Canon LEGRIA HF R406, Canon LEGRIA HF R26

360 Camera

We have a 360 video camera that can be used to provide a more immersive experience to students. The 360 camera also takes photographs and can be used with H5P’s Virtual Tour tool as a way for students to navigate a classroom’s facilities or outdoor environment.

Camera model: Insta360 One X2


We have two LED light kits with stands that can run on batteries or AC power.

While windows or room lighting might be enough, adding lights can help remove harsh shadows and create a clearer image. They’re recommended for filming interviews, welcome videos, and any ‘talking heads’ videos.

Please note the lighting kits are only for use on-campus.

Available lights: SP-E-500B SpectroLED Essential 500 Bi-Color LED Light


We have several tripods servicing different heights and devices, including phones and tablets, through to large video cameras.

Tripods are recommended for all types of recordings, whether you’re sitting at your desk, or running a standing interview.

Please specify where you’re likely to be recording (desk mounted, standing height, sitting height, on location etc.)

Available tripods: Manfrotto 290 XTRA tripod with Fluid head, Manfrotto Compact Light Aluminum Tripod with ball head 

Audio Recording Devices

No matter what kind of recording you’re making, sound is arguably more important than visuals in student perceptions of quality.

We have a wide range of microphones for you to use in any circumstances, from small clip-on lapel mics that plug into a phone, laptop or camcorder, to studio quality podcasting mics.

Smartphone Not Included

Available microphones: Rode SmartLav+ lapel microphones