The LX.lab’s Media Team has a mandate to advance the use of educational media in Learning & Teaching at UTS.

This can include some limited production work filming and editing, with a focus on getting you started, creating high-value reusable resources, and advancing the interests of learning & teaching at an institutional level.

Book a consultation via Service Connect.

Generally speaking, if capacity and scope allow our Media Team can help you make one, or a small number of student-facing:

  • Subject welcome videos
  • Concept videos
  • Scenario videos or demonstrations
  • Interviews or conversations

We can also “top and tail” your projects (add a small recorded introduction and conclusion to videos you record yourself).

Our ability to produce materials for you depends on the scope of your project and our capacity.

In addition to undertaking light production work, we are always available to provide assistance with:

  • Project planning for larger projects
  • Scripting
  • Recording audio, such as podcasting
  • Producing screen captures (recording audio and interactions with your computer screen)
  • DIY training
  • Equipment loans

For larger projects, or anything outside of our scope, please get in touch to discuss your options. This may include hiring a student producer for special projects if you have access to funding.

To access the LX.lab Media Team’s production assistance, please log a ticket via Service Connect.