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Unveiling hidden dimensions: insights from a learning analytics exploration

What can we learn from the 'lurkers' in online discussions? Christina Brauer shares reflections on Donna Rooney's online/offline exploration.

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Cooking data with care: how can we do learning analytics ethically?

We need to be careful about how we 'cook' data into our work with learning and learners. Kirsty Kitto explains more.

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Fostering human relationships through learning analytics

How can we better capture human learning in digital spaces? See ideas in action from the Learning Design Meetup.

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Five principles for the effective ethical use of generative AI

In February 2023, as it became clear that generative AI (GenAI) implied the need for a major, but as yet poorly understood, shift in teaching and assessment, TEQSA provided guidance on the appropriate use of generative AI aligned with the Higher Education Standards Framework 2021 (HESF):    The HESF states that providers assure the quality of […]

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