The Learning Experience Transformation (LXT) program was a multi-year program that transformed UTS’s digital learning and teaching experience. LXT built on the learning.futures initiative of developing student skills and abilities for real world application as well as the UTS 2027 Strategy vision of evolving the digital environment to match and enhance that of our on-campus experience.

The three parts of this transformation:

  1. The enhancement of our students’ learning experience by re-imagining how students and staff engage with our digital learning ecosystem.
  2. Movement to a Single Learning Management System: Canvas. UTS has now seen the movement of all subjects from Blackboard (UTSOnline) to our new upgraded Canvas ecosystem.
  3. LXT enabled a course-led approach transformation, leveraging the move to Canvas to provide an opportunity to take a look at the curriculum design of each course and foster collaborative course design across faculties. This aimed to achieve consistency in the look and feel of each course and provide students the best possible outcomes.