• Friday, 2 August 2024
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm
  • UTS Rugby Australia Building

The world-cafe-style WIL Symposium 2024 will feature top-tier WIL practice showcases, WIL work in progress and a student panel. This year, the symposium will be held at the world-class UTS Moore Park Sports Science facility, where participants will enjoy a special tour and a catered lunch.

Our keynote speaker will be Distinguished Professor in Sport and Exercise Science, Aaron Coutts, Head of the School of Sport, Exercise and Rehabilitation. His research is focused on developing evidence-based methods to optimise the training, health and performance of athletes.

You are invited to attend as a participant or presenter.


This year, we are calling on examples of WIL opportunities and examples being scaffolded through the curriculum from foundational in the first year, developmental in the middle years and professional experiences as courses conclude. These examples increase all students’ access to WIL engagement throughout their programs. We invite you to come as a team so that you can take the opportunity to engage with other teams at your leisure.

On the day, presenters will briefly pitch to the participants to encourage their engagement. You will then facilitate a table discussion to groups at intervals, however you see fit.

Please contact Dimity.Wehr@uts.edu.au or Beate.Mueller@uts.edu.au if you wish to present and would like more details. We will thoroughly brief all selected presenters well before the event.

Presenters will be asked to register for catering purposes.


Please register here to participate.

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Your video, audio and the meeting chat transcript may be recorded or photographed. Please advise the facilitator if you do not wish to be recorded or photographed.

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