• Monday, 15 March 2021
    2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • Zoom (further details provided upon registration).

Recently, the Welcome and Belonging Project at UTS, co-designed by students and sponsored by the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion, worked towards the brief:

Create opportunities to build the connections that strengthen belonging and UTS’s identity as a diverse university that cares.

We are inspired by this brief, and as a University, we are keen to take this challenge forward in all aspects of the student experience. Already at UTS, there are many exciting initiatives, both curricular and co-curricular, that seek to strengthen students’ sense of connection and belonging to the University, to their course, to their peers, and to the professional world.

In this Panel session, the final webinar for the Hot Topic Series, Student Engagement and Belonging, we bring together some of the key players from the DVC Education and Students Portfolio, the Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion, and the School of Transdisciplinary Innovation to explore how we create connections between all of our various initiatives to visualise and strengthen the ties that form the Belonging ecosystem at UTS for the benefit of our students. We are particularly interested in how we learn from the excellent work happening in the co-curricular space and take the same intentions into our curricula and the classroom.

In the Panel, each key speaker will share their perspectives on the following guiding questions:

  • How do you frame and approach the possibilities and problems of student belonging?
  • What are you working on and what impact are you hoping it will have?
  • How does it connect up to the ‘belonging ecosystem’ at UTS and what can be done to strengthen that?

We warmly invite you to join us in this strategic conversation about how we create connections for Belonging at UTS.


  • Jan McLean, Acting Director, Interactive Media and Learning (IML)
  • Brett Smout, Director Student Services Unit (SSU)
  • Sashca Jenkins, Director, User Experience and Planning, UTS Library
  • Tracie Conroy, Director, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion (CSJI)
  • Mitra Gusheh, Executive Manager, Social Impact, Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion (CSJI)
  • Tyler Key, School of Transdisciplinary Innovation


This event is facilitated by the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT).

Dr Alisa Percy is a Senior Lecturer in the Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT) within the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML).

Dr Kathy Egea is a Senior Lecturer and the First and Further Year Experience (FFYE) Coordinator in the Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT) within the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML).

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