• Monday, 9 July 2018
    11:00 am - 12:30 pm
  • LX.lab CB06.04.020

In this session you’ll hear from Associate Professor Sylvia Urban about an innovation in chemistry teaching at RMIT University.  By implementing a pen-enabled cloud-based solution, an enhanced anywhere, anytime experience for student learning was made possible, with improved student feedback as a result.

Associate Professor Urban’s innovation enables delivery of chemistry lectures through OneNote, offering real-time annotation of notes delivered directly to student’s personal devices. Cloud-based teaching methodologies (Microsoft OneDrive), the use of high-fidelity digital pen technology (Surface Pro), and standard Microsoft products (OneNote 2016) support the learning pedagogy. For the lecturer, OneNote offers a one-stop-shop for those who use different source materials, and all lecture material is available via a OneDrive Cloud.

This project has been recognised with RMIT University and faculty awards for excellence in teaching, and work is in progress to scale up this innovation at a national level.



A Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) innovation has been implemented at RMIT University to transform chemistry teaching. The motivation was to enhance the student teaching and learning experience while offering a single delivery system for lecturers. This required embracing a digital synchronous learning environment as an alternative to traditional lecture-based instruction. By implementing a pen-enabled cloud-based solution, an anywhere, anytime experience for student learning was made possible. To launch the TEL a National Symposium was held in June 2017 and the chemistry teaching outcomes have been published by Urban (2017) as evidence-based good teaching practice.

A community of collaboration for early adopter academics within the School of Science has been created to extend the TEL across other STEM areas. The early adopter program has been supported by RMIT grants and with industry support from Microsoft Australia. Early adopters from five of the seven Disciplines in the School of Science have implemented aspects of the TEL, achieving 12-36% increases in their Good Teaching Scores (GTS) in 2017. This work has been recognised with RMIT University awards for excellence in teaching in the categories of widening participation and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Educations’ Good Teaching Award and a School of Science teaching award.

Work will continue to further upscale this innovation on a School, University and National level. An overview of the activities undertaken will be presented.

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