• Wednesday, 18 August 2021
    2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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Hot Topic Theme: Feedback and Assessment

Portfolios have long been used as repositories for student work.  These collections of evidence of learning have provided students spaces for reflection and assessment. You may be considering asking students to do this in our new portfolio platform, Portfolium, as part of your assessment strategy.  

But before you do that, consider these questions:   

  • Could portfolios span across a course, as an integrated portfolio?    
  • What is placemaking in a portfolio?   
  • How does the act of curating artefacts for a portfolio help students understand what is that they have done or achieved?   
  • How does a portfolio contribute to the co-construction of knowledge?  
  • What might a rubric look like in an integrative portfolio?   

Join us in this webinar, as we explore these questions with Dr Kathryn Coleman (University of Melbourne), who has thought deeply and radically about ePortfolios in education – in particular how digital portfolios is about people, process and product, in the practice of placemaking.  She will also share her experience with portfolios as educator and researcher.  

Guest Speakers

Dr Kathryn Coleman (University of Melbourne)

Dr Kathryn (Kate) Coleman is an artist, arts-based researcher and educator in Visual Arts & Design at the Melbourne Graduate School of Education. Kate is interested in the intersection of creativities, digital sites, materialities, practice/s and culture/s, and teaches this through art and design education

What are Hot Topics?

Hot Topics are curriculum and teaching themes that have emerged in UTS from student learning experiences, student feedback surveys (SFS), consultations and other strategic projects. They are a series of professional development and engagement opportunities to enhance courses and provide longer-term support through community building and sustained critical dialogues.

This event is facilitated by the Institute for Interactive Media and Learning (IML) Teaching and Curriculum (TAC) Team.

Ann Wilson Senior Curriculum Designer, Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT) 

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