• Wednesday, 22 November 2023
    2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
  • Zoom – further details provided upon registration

The Universities Accord Interim Report challenges universities to deliver on higher education participation targets for students from equity groups to achieve parity by 2035. To enable us to progress towards this ambitious goal, we need to identify ways to provide individual student support that is timely, meaningful, and enables success.  

In our final First and Further Year Experience (FFYE) forum for 2023, we examine two domains in the Social Impact (SI) dashboard, Domain 1: Student Equity and Domain 2: Student Agency. Activities will be designed to explore data on the equity student journey (access, participation and success, graduate outcomes), within a context of student agency around learning, social issues, and valuing their own diversity. 

Our keynote Professor Sally Kift PFHEA FAAL ALTF GAICD, will situate the current government policy based on practices designed to specifically support students to have equivalent opportunities to progress through their course irrespective of education background, entry pathways mode or place of study. Her work in Transition Pedagogy and its six curriculum principles is seminal around student success and forms the basis of the FFYE program towards a more inclusive, supportive learning environment as students transition through their degrees and into the workplace. 

For this forum, we will  

  • Explore the data in the SI Dashboard (Domains 1 & 2) to understand the student experience in their transition journey into, through and out of university,
  • Identify strengths and gaps of the data available to inform our practices in enhancing the student experience at UTS,
  • Discuss policy implications rising from the HE Accord interim report, HESF and Support for Students policy, and 
  • Re-visit the inclusive approaches of Transition Pedagogy for equity groups.

We warmly welcome all interested colleagues, including academics, student support staff and those interested in student success, and students to join us for this event. 

Look forward to seeing you online, 

Kathy and team (Social Impact FFYE grant team) 

What is the UTS FFYE Program?

The UTS FFYE (First and Further Year Experience) Program is an institutional-wide program, designed to support the successful transition of students in their journey through their degrees and into the workplace. The program has three foci: curriculum, people and the university infrastructure, drawing from community and connection in collaboration with academic and professional staff.

One key element of the program is community building. FFYE Forums (regular meetings) and FFYE community (MSTeams) provide spaces for sharing, learning and ongoing collaborations connecting research, practice and student experience. Contact Kathy Egea (FFYE coordinator) to join.

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