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The movement toward design thinking in a Western Sydney high school

By Lisa Aitken,

Riverstone High School is undergoing great change, with a booming population and brand new buildings. To fit with their new environment, teachers at Riverstone High School have begun implementing cross curricular project based learning opportunities which has had measurable impact on students and teachers.

The Importance of Developing Interagency Relationships for Social Impact Education

By Lisa Aitken,

Siding Spring Observatory is of world importance scientifically, and regional importance economically. In 2016, there was a review of the Orana Regional Environmental Plan in response to continued growth and new development in the region of the observatory, such as mines and other extractive industries, transport terminals and 24-hour operations...

Transforming Teaching and Learning with Creativity

By Lisa Aitken,

St Paul's school is preparing students for a world where AI will change the nature of the workforce. This well resourced school used realms of thinking to re-imagine the curriculum. What can we learn from their approach?

Turning ideas into reality: The Design Thinking Process

By Lisa Aitken,

Teachers at Plumpton High School used the design thinking process to assist them in better supporting teachers to develop future focused curriculum. Through this process they built strategic milestones underpinning their school plan. Find out how they used this process to discover the how, what and why for their...

Teaching and Learning “Engineered ”

By Lisa Aitken,

It is high time, we as modern learners, leaders of learning, instructional leaders turn words into action to reimagine and re-engineer the different aspects of teaching and learning to ensure we are equipping the next generation to not just survive but to thrive in an unknown future. Remember the...

Creating Teaching and Learning Experiences with Students in Mind

By Lisa Aitken,

Check out the driving questions teachers developed to connect with student interests and concerns. To create a truly student centered experience, we used a design thinking process to innovate and design learning that takes into consideration students interests, concerns and passions.

Changing the World in One-Minute

By Lisa Aitken,

Looking for a way to create an authentic audience for students AND encourage them to make a difference? With Videos for Change teachers can develop a student driven project connected to core outcomes in any subject area.

Getting R.E.A.L. in the classroom prepares Kurri Kurri High School students for the future

By Lisa Aitken,

In order to thrive in the future, our students need to learn future focused skills. The Year 7 faculty at Kurri Kurri High School utilise unique pedagogical approaches that involve team teaching in a HUB which can be divided into smaller PODs and further into groups of 3-4 students,...

Harnessing the use of Video to Support Quality Teaching and Learning

By Lisa Aitken,

Explore key concepts in this space including engagement, using students as video producers, multimodality, teaching self regulation through a flipped learning classroom and get your hands on some useful tools! Read the UTS Futures article here: https://lx.uts.edu.au/blog/2019/01/25/video-revolution-learning-teaching/ 

Making Human Rights Visible: A Drama and Geography Project

By Lisa Aitken,

Geography and Drama teachers at the Lakes College worked together to develop curriculum for students that built understanding and empathy of human rights issues across the world. Students developed skills in collaboration, creativity and critical thinking as well as digital literacy.

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