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When Uni Meets the Real World

By Lisa Aitken,

You’ve heard the term ‘authentic assessment’, but do you actually know what it means? We’re breaking down the jargon to explain what authentic assessments are, why they’re important and how three academics have come up with creative ways to incorporate them into their classes today. What would you do:...

Making Assessment Fun: Authenticity

By Lisa Aitken,

Heard this before? 'but when will I ever use this skill in the REAL world?' Authentic assessment allows students to demonstrate key learning and 21st century skills through tasks that connect with the real world.

Finding the Sweet Spot: Creativity, Chocolate, and Middle School at Doonside Technology HS

By Lisa Aitken,

At Doonside Technology High School, we recognised the need to change our teaching and learning practices if we are to prepare students effectively for a life after school in the 21st century. During Term 1 of the school year, students in 7 Purple created a healthy chocolate alternative,...

Driving question inspo from the U@Uni Summer School program

By Lisa Aitken,

The U@Uni Summer School program provides an opportunity for 200 students from low socioeconomic backgrounds in NSW to come on UTS campus to learn and discover alongside UTS students and academics. The program builds 21st century capacities such a collaboration, creativity and innovation through its interactive and hands on...

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