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Equipping students with knowledge for the Voice Referendum via video

The PGLD team and Faculty of Law co-create a video resource to educate students about the importance of referendums in our governmental system.

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Creative Commons explainer: NonCommercial and ShareAlike

Mais Fatayer demystifies two frequently used Creative Commons licenses for newcomers.

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Contribute to the 2023 UTS Learning and Teaching Forum

Help shape the future of learning and teaching by presenting at November's Learning and Teaching Forum.

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Navigating the generative AI frontier: FEIT academics innovating assessment

How Adrian Kelly and Jianchun Li empower their students for ethical and effective engagement with GenAI.

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Ethics of care: supporting students through trauma-informed pedagogy

In this final post of our ethics of care series, we offer resources to help you apply trauma-informed pedagogy effectively.

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The 6th R in open education: Recognition

There are so many benefits to participating in open education practice – but what's in it for academics?

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Charting new territories: generative AI in Civil Engineering Education

Behzad Fatahi and Roger Hadgraft on their approach to engaging Civil Engineering students with GenAI.

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Games galore at the 2023 UTS Tech Fest

Jaime Garcia Marin takes us through the fantastic roster of gaming events at this year's Tech Fest.

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Naming and taming our climate change emotions

Christina Brauer reflects on a workshop designed to tackle our emotional responses to climate change, and how to re-build agency.

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Are your students ready to vote in the Voice referendum?

Slides produced by the UTS Working Group on the Voice to Parliament are now available for optional inclusion in your classes.

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