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Turn on your captions: for international students

Roudy Gerges discusses how captions support his learning experiences as an international student.

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Turn on your captions: for students with hearing loss

UTS student Angelique Milojevic on the importance of captions for students with hearing loss.

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Turn on your captions for students

In our new video, two UTS students help to spread the message to turn on your captions.

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What attendance looks like for online classes

Lin Wei offers some helpful tips for keeping students engaged in online learning environments.

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Tips from Tooltime: brainstorm and ideate with Zoom Whiteboard

A few handy tips from our interactive session on Zoom Whiteboard, plus how to join us at the next Tooltime.

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Not all chronic illnesses are visible

UTS student Angelique Milojevic discusses the importance of supporting students with non-visible disabilities.

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Generative AI: what does it mean for WIL assessments?

How can the AI disruption influence more authentic WIL assessments? And what is ChatGPT's suggestion for an AI-proof assessment task?

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4 UTS case studies of Generative AI in assessments

Anna Lidfors Lindqvist, Samuel Yu, Evana Wright and Mike Rennie discuss how AI has reshaped their assessments.

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How should students be referencing their use of AI at UTS?

Patrick Tooth from the UTS Library updates us on the latest advice from APA on referencing AI tools such as ChatGPT.

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Have your say: reimagining Subject Outlines

Contribute to the revitalisation of subject outlines as part of the Curriculum Management Modernisation Program.

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