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How can we make the learning space an environment of care?

Jos Boys explores how social and spatial design practices value some bodies and minds, but disable others.

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Piece it together: ‘jigsaw’ learning to support scientific and sustainable thinking

Vanessa Crump and Yvonne Davila share how the jigsaw technique unlocks sustainability and critical thinking in a core science subject.

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Drop by the LX.lab in May for AI, accessibility and more

Explore AI, accessibility, teaching practice and learning technologies in our upcoming events this May.

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Confessions of a Canvas exam checker: the top 3 myths busted

Bookmark this page so you can jog your memory every exams session and avoid these Canvas set-up fails.

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5 tips to source, structure and summarise your blog

Want to write a blog but stuck staring at a blank page? Lucy Blakemore from the LX.lab content team guides us on getting started.

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A breath of fresh AiR

Our Academic in Residence program returns with a focus on digital accessibility – find out more about the process and outcomes.

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How to apply for an FFYE grant

Connect with first-year curriculum principles and a new student experience framework in your application for an FFYE grant.

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OEW Day 4: are open textbooks the way of the future?

Amanda White discusses her journey in creating an open textbook for Accounting students.

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OEW Day 5: sustainability resources to reuse, adapt and share

Take a look at the new sustainability module from PGLD – free to share and adapt!

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OEW Day 3: how is Open Education like water?

Maha Bali from the American University in Cairo explains how "a scattering of petals" leads to a complete flower in Open Education.

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