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Co-designing learning outcomes with the UTS-CILObot prototype

How can GenAI’s linguistic capability be used to redraft a course’s intended learning outcomes more succinctly?

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Ignite sparks and inspire futures with Lucy Mentoring

Help future engineers and IT professionals build confidence in their career pathways with Lucy Mentoring.

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6 approaches to kinesthetic learning

Soph-Ea Moeln discusses the nuances and benefits of kinesthetic learning.

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Validating the future: human expertise in GenAI for higher education curricula

How will human interaction with GenAI shape the future?

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Enrol for Practising Inclusion: Working and Teaching for Social Justice

Deepen your understanding of equity, diversity, social justice and inclusion with this 6-week microcredential.

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Write the Docs: 6 takeaways from a technical writing conference

The LX Content Team report back on a conference featuring a variety of presentations and panels from documentarians and technical writers.

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Connecting across communities: Learning Design Meetup 2023 in review

Re-visit 4 fabulous learning design events with presenters and panels on pace, time, learning analytics, and pathways to leadership.

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Join the Autumn 2024 Casual Academic Program

Eligible UTS staff can express their interest for up to two workshops in the Autumn 2024 Casual Academic Program.

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Student Experience Framework Snapshot: the Graduate Certificate of Child and Family Health

In a new series, academics and learning designers highlight case studies showing alignment with the Student Experience Framework.

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Fit for purpose: the Genetic Counselling bootcamp

Learning Genetic Counselling skills in a fast-paced, interactive environment? No sweat!

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