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Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference: Day 2

Student voices, animal perspectives, identity in Law and storytelling as dance were all part of the second day of this inspirational conference.

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Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference: Day 1

Explore themes on cultural safety, challenging systems and re-engaging communities from Day 1 of the Indigenous HE Curriculum Conference.

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What to expect at the 2022 UTS Learning and Teaching Forum

A quick-read guide to help you plan for the big end-of-year event for our learning and teaching community.

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What’s your students’ relationship with academic integrity?

Share your insights by participating in research conducted by an independent partner.

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What can academics learn from UTS Startups Confessions?

Apply an entrepreneural mindset to your research and teaching practice with these UTS Startups Confessions highlights.

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Is EdTech incompatible with sustainability?

Exploring the complex reality of EdTech and sustainability.

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Coming this summer: an Accessibility Support role in Canvas

The new Accessibility Support role will support students who require a notetaker or accessibility assistant.

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6 principles of first-year curriculum: Monitoring and Evaluation

In the last part of this series, discover strategies to identify and assist students at risk and reflect on how to improve classroom practice.

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Spotlighting the ‘I’ in WIL: the Yaliwunga Placement Program

In this program, students conduct a research project set by an Indigenous organisation for course credit.

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What’s happening at the Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference?

A preview of national and international guest speakers, topics and sessions at the upcoming Indigenous Higher Education Curriculum Conference.

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