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Assessment in the age of GenAI: GenAI as integral to assessment

Exploring a new perspective on GenAI and assessment, in which students are required to use AI.

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Life at uni with a speech disability

Duha Haque discusses the effects of speech disability on her university experience, and how support can help.

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Supporting students who have invisible chronic pain

Jorell Tanusaputra shares the struggle of opening up about invisible chronic pain.

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Relationships at the heart of first year success

Find out how the First Year Success Program is helping equity students to navigate university systems with confidence.

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Embedding the Indigenous Graduate Attribute: Genetic Counselling

New and adapted IGAs were embedded into Genetic Counselling with support from the Indigenous Teaching and Learning Team.

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Knowing you, knowing your students: strategies to facilitate learning

Letting go of ego, learning new things and not being a perfectionist can make you a more effective mentor.

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Assessment in the age of GenAI: GenAI as an assistant

Exploring some of the ways that GenAI is being used to assist students for assessment.

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Bridging gaps: academic insights on GenAI and accessibility

Professor Leslie Loble (AM) and Fiona Given shed light on how AI is aiding students and enhancing accessibility.

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Learning Design Meetup: 3 perspectives on learning design leadership

Review highlights from a recent Learning Design Meetup exploring diverse pathways to leadership for learning design professionals.

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Connecting the dots with SDGs and IDGs

Christina Brauer reports back on her highlights from the 'Connecting the Dots' summit in Stockholm.

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