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Watch: video assessments, online resources and more at the 16th UTS Video Meet-up

Multimedia presentations in Law and updated resource collections for the LX site, plus a demo of Adobe Premiere Pro.

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Tips for non-verbal communication in class

Three important tips for including students who may not be able to speak up in class.

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Red light, green light: exploring GenAI in the Faculty of Health

Health academics explored practical applications for generative AI tools in a hands-on workshop to wrap up the year.

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What did we learn from the Wall of Provocations?

Staff share their joyful failures, hopeful learnings and intentional futures on the Wall of Provocations at this year's Forum.

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The door to change is ajar: shaping the future at the 2023 Learning and Teaching Forum

It's not "the normal we left behind", but a full-fledged return to campus for the Learning and Teaching Forum was something of a revitalisation.

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2023 UTS Learning and Teaching Awards and Citations

The full list of UTS Learning & Teaching Award winners as announced at the 2023 Learning and Teaching Forum.

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Setting the Student Experience Framework in motion for 2024

We recognise early engagement with the new-look Student Experience Framework in grants, events and faculty strategies.

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Assessment in the age of GenAI: when GenAI cannot be used

In the last post in this series, Ann Wilson looks at assessments that aren't suited to use of generative AI.

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3 reasons why your grades don’t submit correctly

Unorganised assignments and incomplete marks may be tripping you up when you're attempting grade submission.

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Assessment in the age of GenAI: GenAI as integral to assessment

Exploring a new perspective on GenAI and assessment, in which students are required to use AI.

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