On 5 February, subject sites will be published for Autumn 2024. To get you off to a good start this session, we’re once again sharing our guide through the key stages. This will ensure you can tick all the boxes for creating a successful and fulfilling learning experience for your students. 

Before 12 February: get your subject site ready for students

12 February: connect, communicate and offer support 

Send your students a welcome announcement to introduce yourself, make your students feel welcome and establish a social connection right from the beginning of the session. Let students know how you will be communicating with them throughout the session, how they can access support, and your expectations for the use of generative AI in your class.

To add co-teachers, tutors and other staff to your Canvas site, follow our resource about People in Canvas (note that a new tutor/marker role was added in 2023).

19 February: Week 1

Start building belonging and community in your teaching from your very first class so that students feel they play an important part in the subject. Provide a clear strategy for all communications in your subject without making it complicated and encourage students to ask questions. Give your students all the resources and tools that they need to be prepared for learning in your subject.

Help and support

Where can your students go for support?

Where can you go for support?

Academic integrity and AI at UTS

Help your students navigate academic integrity and generative AI at UTS by making use of the following:

Coming soon in 2024

  • UTS’s Microsoft enterprise license will soon include Copilot for Microsoft 365 so keep an eye out for support resources.
  • Guardian browser will be made available for online invigilated exams. This will not impact you, but will change some processes in the student experience of online exams.

Communities of practice

There are a number of learning and teaching focused communities of practice at UTS where you can meet like-minded colleagues, discuss helpful approaches and develop new skills. Check out our Events section to see what’s coming up for: 

  • The UTS Learning Design Meetup
  • UTS Video Meetup
  • First and Further Year Experience (FFYE)

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