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5 quick wins for adapting your assessment in the age of AI

Discuss and demonstrate generative AI with your students, set clear guidances for its inclusion and encourage original writing skills.

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Towards inclusive education at UTS: FFYE forum recap

From examining core principles to discussing experiences, the recent FFYE Forum explored a range of perspectives on inclusive education.

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UTS Open Education Week 2023

Join us for five great events during Open Education Week as we work towards a more accessible, equitable, and socially just education for all.

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Building a culture of caring for first year students

Even a small gesture can have a powerful impact in helping students to feel included and engaged.

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Discovering the real-world ALURE of forensic science research

How do you provide an authentic, scalable, industry-connected research experience for large undergraduate cohorts? Forensic Science investigates...

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Scaffolding confidence to encourage diversity of thought and critical thinking

The small changes you can make that will help your students to speak up, engage with their classmates and learn more.

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OMG it’s ChatGPT: how you could adapt your assessments

Getting to know ChatGPT? Here are some ideas and inspiration to help you re-think your assessments with AI in mind.

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Towards inclusive education at UTS: diving deeper into transition practices

Ahead of the upcoming FFYE Forum, Alisa Percy reflects on how inclusive practice has shaped teaching at UTS.

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GenerativeAI@UTS: effective, ethical engagement

Explore how you can engage with generative AI as learning tool both ethically and effectively.

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Nervous, excited, scared? Welcoming the world back into your classroom

Put yourself in the shoes of new and returning students as the new academic year kicks off.

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