Wow, what a way to start the year! On Tuesday 12 March, our 17th meet-up took place with an all-star lineup of presentations. Missed out? Here’s a quick recap with the full video recordings.

Video killed the lecturing star – adapting for a changing learner cohort

First up was A/Prof Amanda White OAM, who spoke about her approach to educational videos and teaching in an ever-changing media landscape. Amanda spoke about bite-sized learning/videos, thumbnails, titles, audiobooks, transcripts and more.

Talking Podcasts with Talking Teachers

Our following presentation was from A/Prof Don Carter and A/Prof Jane Hunter of the Talking Teachers podcast. Podcasting is an increasingly popular topic among academics at UTS, so hearing about their journey and behind-the-scenes details was really insightful. Jane and Don gave advice about audience, scope, planning, interviews, guests and more.

For more on podcasting in higher education, check out the ‘Learning Listener’ series of blog posts.

If you’re looking for video or media support, you can book our Media Space or send the LX.lab Media Team a Service Connect ticket. Our next event is going to be on Tuesday 28 May – register now!

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