Last week, the LX.lab Media Team hosted two seperate video editing Tooltimes: Editing with Windows 10 Video Editor (run by Natasha Sutevski) and Editing with iMovie (run by Matt Vella). In this recap, we share videos from both sessions, and highlight some key recommendations and useful resources mentioned in both videos.

Images & video clippings

For free stock footage & images, Natasha recommended a website called Pexels, while Matt recommended the blog ‘The best things in life are free images‘. Please be aware of copyright issues – further information on copyright plus other sources for video clippings can be found via this great blog.

UTS Branding

We’d also like to encourage everyone to be aware of the UTS Branding. While Matt does make mention of this blog, branding templates for video can be found directly for downloading here in four parts (bottom of the page). You can find information on the UTS Brand and Visual Identity here. It should also be noted that the correct font for UTS is “Arial” font which is a substitute font when the UTS corporate fonts (NB international and Akademie) are not available.

Video Recordings

Below you’ll find recordings of our Tooltime sessions. Hopefully they will be helpful for everyone making educational video content from home during these unprecedented times. You can view these session in PowerPoint format here as well. Enjoy and happy editing!

For PC users: editing with Windows 10 Editor

Below you’ll find the recording for our Windows 10 editing Tooltime session – not that, unfortunately, the introduction wasn’t recorded. However, as mentioned above, the slides are available for download. At one point during the Q&A, Matt mentions a compressor called Handbreak, which can be downloaded for free here. He also mentions an online tutorial about rotating videos you can watch here.

For Mac users: editing with iMovie

Below you’ll find the recording for our iMovie editing demonstration. You can find the source files for the project that Matt is editing here for download so you can try from home. Towards the end, Matt references a useful tutorial video which you can watch here. Also please be aware of the branding information listed above – Matt incorrectly advises to use the ‘Arial Black’ font; it should be just the ‘Arial’ font.

Want to learn more about editing?

Tooltime sessions are designed to be quick informal showcases. If you’d like to learn more, you can connect with the LX.lab Media Team via Service Connect or take part in our upcoming open video training sessions, available both online and face-to-face. You can also stay in touch by registering for our UTS Video Meet-up, with our next event coming up on Tuesday November 24.

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