The new UTS assessment policy focuses on preparing students for the future through authentic assessments that enable them to apply what they’re learning and develop their graduate attributes. The policy applies to all subjects commencing in 2018. If you’re still wondering what you need to do to make sure your subject meets the criteria, read on!

Change 1: authentic assessment

All subjects must now contain at least one authentic assessment task, consistent with learning.futures. For more on what makes an assessment authentic, take a look at our blog post In a nutshell: authentic assessment.

In line with this policy change, final exams must be worth 50% or less, and be open book whenever possible. If it’s not appropriate for an exam to be open book (for example, in a practical assessment in Nursing), this needs to be agreed by your faculty.

Change 2: feedback

The new assessment policy emphasises the importance of feedback. Feedback isn’t just feedback on assessment tasks, it’s an important part of learning in class and online too and students must receive some feedback prior to the census date. Students should also receive timely feedback after each assessment, in order to take this into account for their next assessment task.

Change 3: online submission

All student assessments should now be submitted online where possible, so that marking and feedback can also be conducted online (through available programs like UTSOnline, Turnitin Feedback Studio and REVIEW). There are further resources for this on Futures.

Some other small differences

The policy and procedures have been streamlined, so some items have been moved, and guidelines will be created to help staff with implementation.

The Special Needs Service is now known as the Accessibility Service, and continues to provide support for students with a wide range of accessibility needs.

Need help with assessment design?

Get in touch with the LX.lab or your Faculty’s IML academic liaisons and you’ll soon be on your way.

Full details are available in the assessment policy implementation checklist.

Feature image by: Cathryn Lavery

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