Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Spring Session 2018 (Calendar A and B) subject site creation process is estimated to be completed by Thursday July 5.
  • Once the process has completed a notification email will be sent.
  • The newly created sites will be unavailable to students by default, and they will automatically become available on Monday July 16. 

    Staff can make their sites available to students earlier than this date.If you have been preparing your subject for Spring teaching in the current version, we recommend that you do not make any changes in that site after Sunday July 1, prior to it being copied.

    Once the creation process is complete, you will then be able to continue working in the new version.

  • A reminder that Subject Outlines generated in CIS are now made available automatically in UTSOnline subjects.


Further details of the automated subject creation process are on this Help page:


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