This post was co-authored by Kirsty Kitto and Rhi Tuntevski

We live in a rapidly changing world. As entire industries are reshaped by external factors such as COVID-19, artificial intelligence, the internet of things and climate change, we need to develop new ways to help people learn, work and reskill as their jobs, or dreams, transition and evolve.  

 The Tailored Recruitment Analytics and Curriculum Knowledge (TRACK) project enables UTS to map our curriculum to the skills people need in the workforce. TRACK will give us a market leading advantage in delivering learning that is fit for 2027 and beyond.  

TRACK is scaling up this year – here is a bit of what is going on and how you can get involved. 

Connecting students to jobs

TRACK Learner is an app that helps students to get a clearer picture of what career trajectory their planned studies will put them on. TRACK aligns the language of the labour market with the language of our subject handbooks and course guides. It helps students think about the skills they already have and those that they might need for their dream job. Then, it helps them to select the subjects that are likely to help them to get closer to achieving their goals.
The learner’s skills profile is automatically populated for review from their UTS study history or by uploading their CV. In the screen above, a student is reviewing their profile, selecting a job they’re interested in (e.g. ‘Cyber Security Analyst’), and indicating which of the required skills they feel they already have. 

What about course designers? 

TRACK Designer helps course teams think about the skills that a program is likely to help students attain, and how those skills map into alternative career pathways that they may have not yet thought about. It also provides details about the local job market for occupations that a degree might be targeting — like how many jobs are available, growth trends and salary ranges. This will help us better target our curriculum to employer requirements and test market demand for the skills we are teaching.   

TRACK designer page that shows how clicking on a career highlights the subjects that teach required skills.
Clicking on a career (e.g. ‘Data Engineer’) highlights the subjects that teach required skills. 
Data about the local Australian job market for various careers is also available. 

What about enterprise learners? 

FutureTRACK is a set of paired tools to help organisations upskill and reskill their workforce using UTS’ microcredentials and short courses. Managers define job roles and organisational capabilities to work out the strengths of their team or where they might need targeted training. Staff can identify their skill gaps against those defined roles and organisational capabilities and seek training opportunities that will help them to achieve their goals.   

Want to get involved? 

Great! Over the coming weeks we are initiating TRACK trials, and we’d love your help as we test and extend the functionality of these tools. There are opportunities for a variety of people and areas to get involved, including course teams, research groups, students and potential enterprise learning partners that you might want to target.  

Email us at to find out what trials are happening and how you can help us develop tools that will help you. Our Business Development Officer, Rhi, will get back to you in a jiffy. 

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