In the past few years, we’ve seen people look into various ways to be productive such as taking up a new skill or hobby while stuck indoors at home…or just trying to keep boredom away. This ranges from learning via self-paced professional online course sites to the odd niche educational YouTube videos on say…the essence of calculus.  

LinkedIn Learning, formerly, is one of these self-paced online courses that is available for all UTS staff and students to upskill in various professional areas or learn completely new topics. It has a huge collection of videos created and led by industry experts to help staff and students achieve a lifetime of learning. 

Incorporating LinkedIn Learning in your teaching and in Canvas can have many benefits: 

1. Blended learning 

Having students watch videos on key concepts and theories at their own pace before class leaves a lot more time in class for practical discussion and collaborative classroom activities.  

2. Sustainability 

Instead of spending time creating and making video resources on foundational topics, e.g. how to use Endnote for referencing, it would be a lot more beneficial to use resources that already exist and are available to use. You can use the freed time to then create specific and tailored content that is more relevant to your subject or topic. 

3. Accessibility 

All LinkedIn Learning videos have closed captions and transcripts, which is helpful for those needing a text version of the video content. Most of the videos and courses are available in multiple languages as well. It can also be played on mobile devices which is an increasingly common tool used by students for learning on the go. 

Next Tooltime session

If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of using LinkedIn Learning and how to embed them into your Canvas subject site, please register for our Tooltime session next Thursday 7 July at 3pm. 

Feature image by LinkedIn Sales Solutions.

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