Time-saving news for Turnitin users! As of today, when Turnitin finds a text match with another paper submitted at UTS, you can access the other paper immediately.

Couldn’t we already do that?

Not very easily. Before today, you needed to request access to the other paper from within Turnitin. Turnitin would send an email to the teaching staff involved in the subject the matching paper was from, but the recipient might not know how to respond or be away on leave. If the staff who worked on the subject have left UTS then it could take some time for access to the paper to be granted.

What is a text match?

Papers submitted by students to Turnitin can be checked for similarity with other student papers, websites, journals and other publications. If text from one of your student’s papers matches text in one of Turnitin’s sources, the matching text and information about the source will be provided.

How do I find text matches?

To find a text match:

  1. Click on the Similarity Score in SpeedGrader, then
  2. View any matches

Do I need to do anything?

No. We’ve enabled it for everyone who uses Turnitin at UTS. However, seeing as you asked, consider reading our advice on how to deter contract cheating in exams.

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