Whether classes are being held both online or face to face, taking attendance is an important part of the routine. Attendance has always been taken in various ways, such as Microsoft Forms, or generating a user report from Zoom. This can sometimes be a real challenge when managing large cohorts.

Qwickly Attendance may be the answer for you. It’s an integrated tool in Canvas that can record your student attendance either manually or through self-check-in. It’s similar to the Canvas Rollcall attendance. However, Qwickly can be a real-time-saver when teaching and managing large classes.

Here are some of the options available with Qwickly:

1. Choose to take attendance through self-check-in, or manually

Instructors can use the self-check-in during class, which students can access on their own devices. Using this option allows instructors to save time by avoiding manual attendance processes and allows students to check in themselves when they show up to class. If you prefer to have control over taking attendance, you can choose the manual option instead. This provides instructors with a standard rollcall list, which they can then go through and mark off students.

2. You can take attendance for specific Canvas sections

Instructors may find this feature useful, where you take attendance for specific sections, and it will appear in the attendance record. You can easily filter through sections and change a student’s attendance status if needed.

3. Setting up and using custom statuses

By default, Qwickly has present, absent, and excused statuses. Qwickly provides instructors with the option to add their own custom statuses. For example you could add a custom status for partial attendance, and apply for students who show up late to a class.

4. Integration with Canvas Gradebook

Qwickly provides the option for instructors to enable Gradebook integration. This is useful if you would prefer to see the number of absences at a glance in Gradebook, or if attendance contributes to students’ final marks.

Learn more about Qwickly at our upcoming Tooltime

Qwickly is an LX.lab-supported tool, and team will assist with any queries you have. We also have Qwickly resources for subject coordinators, teachers and students. 

Qwickly is a great tool for marking attendance, offering multiple features to assist you in your online or on-campus sessions. If you’d like to find out more about the benefits of using Qwickly attendance for your Canvas subject site, please register below for our Tooltime session Wednesday 27 July at 3 pm or contact us through our form at lxlabservices.uts.edu.au.

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