In our upcoming Tooltime session on 16 November, learn how you can use Microsoft Bookings. 

Microsoft Bookings is an online scheduling tool that’s available in UTS, which can be used to set up to take multiple booking requests and manage your time effectively.

In online teaching, manually organising multiple meetings with students for catch-ups or feedback sessions can be quite a challenge. Microsoft Bookings can remove the manual process of scheduling student meetings by making all of this automated. 

You can create and configure your Bookings page so that students can select appointment times that don’t conflict with your existing meetings in your Outlook Calendar. Microsoft Bookings was developed with businesses in mind, however it’s a handy tool to consider when juggling multiple online meetings/appointments with students. 

Here are some of the highlights of what Microsoft Bookings can offer:

1. It’s quick and easy to set up

Microsoft Bookings is very easy to use for both staff and students and can access through UTS 0365 Suite. You can set office hours or other specific booking times, duration of appointments and automatic notifications of booking changes. 

2. Allows students to self-book an appointment time

What makes Microsoft bookings really useful is that it acts like a self-service option for booking appointments that fit into your schedule, without having to send emails to students.

3. Automatically syncs with your Outlook Calendar

Avoid double-booked meetings. Using Microsoft Bookings you can specify times you are available for meetings and have that sync with your Outlook Calendar, students wanting to schedule meetings with you will see only the times that you are not booked in.

4. Flexible with individual or group meetings

It’s not limited to a one-on-one meeting. Microsoft Bookings allows you to set the maximum number of participants that are allowed to book at a specific time, which means you could have multiple students attending the same meeting.

5. Microsoft bookings form can be embedded into Canvas

Making it easier for students to find your booking form. Microsoft Bookings provides an embed option, which allows you to add your form to your canvas subject site.

Find out more at Tooltime

Microsoft Bookings is a great tool for reducing the manual process of organising multiple meetings with students and provides students with the option to choose their preferable times, based on your availability. 

To find out more about how you can use Microsoft Bookings for your subject, please register below for our Tooltime session on November 16 at 3:30pm.

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