Picture a vibrant future and the journey towards this future as a colourful tapestry woven from diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. Each thread adds a unique hue to the bigger picture; without colour and diversity, the weave would be uninspiring. So what is your colour and how does this fit into the broader tapestry?

Developed by the UTS Postgraduate Learning Design (PGLD) team in collaboration with the School of Built Environment, LX.lab, IML’s Teaching and Curriculum Team (TACT), and the Sustainability Strategy Unit, this lighthearted quiz celebrates the diverse ways we relate to environmentalism, reminding us that we all contribute uniquely to the tapestry of a greener world. Explore your shades of green and embrace the multitude of viewpoints that shape our collective commitment to humanity and the planet.

Sustainability Worldview Quiz

Dive into self-discovery with this Sustainability Worldview Quiz. Are you more aligned with the deep ecologists, who advocate for profound interconnectedness and harmony with nature? Or do you resonate with the cornucopian environmentalists, who believe human ingenuity can lead us to solutions that support both people and the planet?

Explore 5 questions on sustainability perspectives and pick the option that most closely resembles your view. 

The spectrum of sustainability concepts

Which profile did you most closely align with? Remember, there’s no single ‘right’ way to be, it’s rare for anyone to fit neatly into a single category. Our individual and collective understandings of sustainability are wonderfully diverse, often shaped by influences we might not even be aware of. Understanding that there are a variety of ideas and backgrounds that make up the broader landscape of sustainability is important as we discuss and debate these complex issues.

Curious to know more? You can delve into details of the five profiles and the research behind them in Sara Wilkinson’s article Conceptual understanding of sustainability in the Australian property sector.

Bring sustainability into your classroom

The Sustainability Worldview Quiz is just one resource in a Canvas Commons module created by the PGLD team. UTS staff can access and adapt this Sustainability Module on Canvas.

Read more about how you can integrate SDGs into your curriculum and keep an eye out for a new resource collection with ideas on bringing sustainability into your classroom soon!

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