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How should students be referencing their use of AI at UTS?

By Patrick Tooth,

Patrick Tooth from the UTS Library updates us on the latest advice from APA on referencing AI tools such as ChatGPT.

Get copyright right: what videos can I use and adapt?

By Patrick Tooth,

Most videos are under copyright, so how do we know when we can reuse, adapt or make a mash-up of them?

How Reading Lists improve student experience and copyright compliance

By Patrick Tooth,

Patrick Tooth, Hossain Salahuddin and Michelle Hernandez go over some of the key benefits that Reading Lists can provide.

Get copyright right: what images can I use?

By Patrick Tooth,

Patrick Tooth guides us on image usage, including tips on reusing and crediting, and answers your most frequently asked copyright questions.

Open Educational Resources Part 1: Creative Commons Licences

By Patrick Tooth,

Don’t have time to flip your classroom? There are many free, ready-made materials that you can incorporate within your course for modifying your existing content. Co-authored by Shemiran Yaghobi.

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