The learning.futures ‘The Power of Screen Presenting’ program has proven to be one of our most successful professional development offerings yet. Over 200 UTS staff running though our program in only just a few months. The program involves academics working with screen industry and media training professionals to perfect your presentation skills for engaging online content.

Postgrad.futures media team
Power Rangers: The Postgraduate Futures Learning Media Team

Check out what participants have had to say about our program:

“The workshop was more than a film focus – included effective communication, clear language and building capacity for empathic connections.”

“Just wanted to let you know that this was one of the best workshops I have ever attended.”

“I learnt really valuable lessons about writing content and about myself as a presenter. I now just want to do more of this.”

“It was awesome – best thing I’ve ever done at UTS”

2017 will also see the rollout of stages two and three of the Power of Screen Presenting, which will cover working with rich media and building on your online digital literacy skills.

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