Soft skills have been identified as the skills of the future.

The future of work is less about developing algorithmic skills (technical knowledge is assumed), and more about possessing soft skills – such as the ability to solve problems, to collaborate and to work as part of a team.

This is a key trend characterising the future labour market. Working with ambiguity and unknown, complex problems requires diverse thinking and delivery, and equipping students with the skills how to do this is a key 21st century challenge for higher education.

Soft skills video series

In response to these challenges, we’re developing a series of videos for students covering different soft skills. As these attributes are essential across different disciplines, we are encouraging academics across the university to share and use these videos.

Here’s an example:

Soft Skills – Creativity from postgraduate.futures on Vimeo.

Coming soon

Future videos in the series include presentation skills, communication skills, storyboarding, mentoring collaboration, and creativity. For more information, please contact me (

This video series is produced with the support of the Postgraduate Futures team.


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