Look. Some of us work on a higher plane of existence. Our minds craft incredible harmonies, operating at multiple frequencies, weaving a beautiful song through their threads. At each vibration there hums a different idea, a different concept, or task. It is a universe-spanning song of insatiable curiosity. The more prosaic way of looking at it is we have multiple projects on the go and a lot of windows and tabs open at once. It looks something like this:


My main window has 25 open tabs (this is a low-count: usually I have 50+, and I distinctly remember a 78 once), there are seven browser windows open, and a whole bunch of other things going on.

If this looks familiar to you, you know the best intentions summarised in this image. Some might see chaos and too many projects happening simultaneously, but of course, we know it’s a cosmic dance of possibility and potential, characterised by articles to read, videos to watch, emails to respond to, et cetera et cetera. They’re all things we want to get to, but we must admit, sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming having to flip back and forth between tabs trying to find the one we need for our particular project. More than us though, the entities that struggle with it the most are our computer processors, which shudder and groan under the weight of so much opened and accessed knowledge (aka system processes.)

So, my friends, let me share with you a revelatory discovery that has rocked me and my CPU to our fundamental (quad)core(s).


Just writing it gives me chills of excitement.


OneTab is great. It’s a browser extension that works in all the major ones (Chrome, Firefox, et cetera). It takes all of your open tabs from that window, and condensed them into a single page list of links.

At its simplest, you press this magic button:

The magic One-Tab icon

And, in an act of technological wonder, all of your tabs from that window will closed and saved in, well, a single tab. In one tab, if you will:

All ur tabs are belong to OneTab

You can re-order these, delete these (one at a time or all), restore these individually or at once, manage multiple windows worth of tabs, save regular ones etc. It truly is awesome.

How do I get OneTab?

It’s super easy. Just head to www.one-tab.com and click on the giant “Add OneTab now” link. It should add OneTab to your browser, whichever one you use.

Add OneTab with the "Add OneTab now" link. Who knew?!

Once installed, you should be able to access a whole bunch of options from the icon in the top-right corner, or by right-clicking in the browser window.

So many options from just one little right-click

So get to it, my fellow dreamers and Tabbers, and get your browsers organized!

PS. I know it may seem it, but I’m not actually employed or affiliated with OneTab in any way. I just really like OneTab. OneTab.

PPS. Do you use OneTab? Are you going to give it a try? Are there other lifechanging apps and extensions you recommend? Leave some love in the comments. x

* maybe

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