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What if my Zoom class goes wrong?

By LX Team,

There might be a number of reasons behind a Zoom class not working as expected - here are some quick fixes

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Having trouble with hosting a Zoom meeting? Here’s the fix!

By LX Team,

When using Zoom, some UTS staff or students are seeing a message saying Waiting for Host, when the host has already started the session - here's our troubleshooting tip.

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5 tips for a power(ful)point presentation

By Hayley Cumming,

If you're guilty of slide transitions and gradient backgrounds, this one's for you. Make your presentations memorable with these 5 tips and tricks.

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12 tips to create a better slide deck

By Amanda Sampol,

We've all experienced our fair share of boring slides. But what makes a presentation truly effective and memorable? Read on for tips to create a better slide deck.

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4 reasons to register for next week’s seminar: ‘Getting students to do their readings’

By Rhiannon Hall,

We've all heard the one about students who just won't read. But did you know the LX.lab will be hosting a seminar next week with tips and advice to get your students reading?

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Hidden Gems of UTSOnline #1 – Adaptive Release

By Detlev Kerkovius,

We're uncovering some of the overlooked wonders of UTSOnline! First up is "Adaptive Release" - particularly useful when you need to receive late submissions from students who have been given special consideration.

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OneTab will change your life*

By Phil Betts,

The short: OneTab will collapse all of your open tabs into a single, manageable list, making your computer faster, less prone to crashing, and your workspace better organized. The long: Why do I have 78 tabs open in Chrome?

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