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Insights from our alumni

By Amanda Sampol,

Ever wondered what our students take away with them when they start working in industry? We were curious, so we asked UTS graduates that work at Telstra, KPMG, Jigsaw (Fighting Chance) and Uber about their student learning experience.

Reaching new heights together #Teamlab

By Amanda Sampol,

From strolling through terrains at Machu Picchu Peru to conquering the mountains of Mont Cenis France, the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge has #Teamlab on their feet and on the go.

Get help with learning technologies today by using ServiceConnect

By Amanda Sampol,

If getting stuck with learning technologies like UTSOnline, SPARKPlus, REVIEW or Echo360 sounds familiar, then ServiceConnect is for you. Get the help you need by lodging a request to the Learning Technologist team through ServiceConnect today to have your questions answered.

4 tools students can use for group assessments

By Amanda Sampol,

On average, how many emails do you get from students complaining about group work? How much time do you spend dealing with issues of student collaboration, accountability and time management? If this sounds familiar, you should try introducing students to collaborative platforms for their group assessments.

Top tools to keep you organised – Part One

By Amanda Sampol,

“If you don’t write your ideas down, they could leave your head before you even leave the room.” - Richard Branson

Our recipe for social media success

By Amanda Sampol,

We were asked to create a social media guide for unfamiliar users, and thought to ourselves what better way to showcase this than through an infographic? However we didn’t want to create just any infographic... Co-authored by Amanda Sampol and Phoebe Huang.

UTSOnline Drop-in Sessions Feb/Mar 2017

By Amanda Sampol,

Our UTSOnline Drop-in Sessions provide staff with face-to-face help from a Learning Technologist. You can get help with other UTS supported tools and systems such as SPARKplus, REVIEW, Turnitin and Echo360.

Crowdsource Ideas: Use The Creativity Of The Crowd in the Classroom

By Amanda Sampol,

Technology-enabled collaboration is transforming how we engage and connecting us in ways we never thought possible, allowing us to innovate through the wisdom of the crowds. What is the potential for students to harness the power of crowdsourcing, and how can that be supported?

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